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    • A Long, depressing stretch
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  • 1/14/13
  • FLAMetsFan

Giants don't make the playoffs.......I expect nothing from the Mets this year.......New Jersey hosting the SuperBowl next year, so the Giants won't be contenders..........Mets more than one year off.......


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  • 1/14/13
  • cholula
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  • 1/14/13
  • Gepett0

the giants contend every year...even this year, they missed the playoffs but they were undoubtedly contenders

i fully expect the giants to be a borderline post season team next year and would actually be fairly surprised if they dont at least make the playoffs

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  • 1/15/13
  • AdrianMonk

...Fantasy golf, March Madness, Tour de France
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