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    • Sandy Hook First Responders Took 20 Minutes
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  • 12/19/12
  • DFAB
There should be a police officer stationed at EVERY school....that's how it is here in NJ for the most part, or at least where I live. And I don't live in a high crime area either...
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  • 12/19/12
  • hammr1952
agree 100%....
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  • 12/19/12
  • johnyringo
shut up dopey
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  • 12/19/12
  • Ultimate_Lou2013
...so you're saying, the police should have been on alert for someone to attack an elementary school with several guns?...
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  • To:All
  • 12/19/12
  • thebobymon
A police officer in every school and a paramedic in every home, I say.
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  • 12/19/12
  • govmule72

"A police officer in every school and a paramedic in every home, I say."

...and a lawyer at every drug deal.

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