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    • I wouldnt rule out Sandy signing Francisco Luriano
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  • 12/18/12
  • DFAB
well, since we apparently have 25m to spend, we have to start spending on SOMETHING
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  • 12/19/12
  • skorpio520
would rather have jurrgens than liriano.
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  • 12/19/12
  • Matt H
I would love Liriano. He worked very well as Santana being his mentor, reuniting them could be great. Liriano has struggled a bit lately, but he still has raw talent, still gives up less hits per inning, and more strikeouts per inning. It's a good risk and a cheap deal. Also, Liriano coming to the national league in a pitcher friendly ballpark would be good. He would also kill the Phillie's lineup since lefties do not hit homeruns off him at all.
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  • 12/19/12
  • jets_mets
This. This year is a throw away season practically to set up 2014. Jurrjens have a really high ceiling. If he can get back to pitching the way he was when he was at his best then we would have a real amazing rotation.
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  • 12/19/12
  • docguden16

He worked well with Santana in 2006. He's only had one remotely decent season since.

At this point in his career it's time to stop remembering his 12-3 season where he was lights out. Instead, he's a pitcher who has posted a 5+ ERA in 3 of his past 4 seasons, has a WHIP sitting around 1.5, gets murdered by right handers, gets his 9 SO/9 but he counters that with 5 BB/9, and averages just over 5 IP per start which will KILL our bullpen.

I would argue this is more than "struggling a bit lately". Maybe as a reliever, but the walks are so high I don't see a fit there either.

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