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    • Thank You Sandy
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  • 12/17/12
  • archgraham

No more pretense about how we're going to spend when appropriate. The Wilpons are broke and will never sell the team.

As Mets fans, we either need to accept a small market mentality going forward or jump ship.

Having said this, Sandy is methodically building a sound foundation for the future, and I wouldn't disregard the young outfielder who was a "throw-in" in this deal either.

If we have to live with the Wilpons, we need a smart, shrewd GM who will get in Jeffy's face, so that there are no more Jose Reyes sell a few tickets giveaways, where we wind up with nothing.

Our only shot to ever win again is to rebuild. Thank you Sandy for having the patience and guts to do what is necessary.

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