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    • Medical report ?
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  • 12/17/12
  • MeetTheMess

Did the mets use the same doctor to examine the medical reports of D'arnoud as they did for Victor Zambrano prior to both trades? I hope not.

There are no guarantees that this trade will work out and the front office did what they were told to do.

Still, It seems like the hidden benefit of the trade is that without RA Dickey's high percentage of team wins, it assures the Mets will have a worse record next year, which should mean lower attendance and more financial strain on the current ownership group. The trade may help expedite the sale of the team more so then if Dickey were resigned at his asking price.

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  • 12/17/12
  • sheadro
Give it up. The ship has sailed. The Wilpons will not sell. Sandy saved their necks and let's move on and now hope he is also making the right moves to save the franchise. In Sandy we trust.
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  • 12/17/12
  • johnyringo
Stop we don't need batting champs and CY winners.....our prospects are going to be RAD in 5 years!
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  • 12/17/12
  • MeetTheMess
It is hard to believe that the mets had both a batting champion and a cy young award winner in successive years and that neither remained on the team the year following their individual accomplishment. What is just as strange is that both players wound up on the same Al team and that the mets do not have one starter in return for opening day , 2013- unless John Buck is the starting catcher on April fools day.
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  • 12/19/12
  • MeetTheMess


Ny times article says D'arnoud has bulging disks in his back.

This needs to be confirmed.

" D’Arnaud, its writers insist, is a pure stud. He has put up big numbers in the minors, and that’s promising. He has also torn a knee and had two bulging discs in his back, at the tender age of 23."

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  • 12/19/12
  • alfolerud
Do you think Wheeler is going to be an ace?
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  • 12/19/12
  • MetObserver

Just a blogger expressing the same views as the disgruntled fans on this forum. Just because he writes under the Times logo doesn't mean that he knows anything about what he is writing. I don't remember any comments in 2011 that said we would compete in 2012 do you.

The doctors that the Mets use are from the Hospital for Special Surgery and all the sports team in NY use most of the same doctors. I think they would know if bulging discs were present and were a problem. The knee has been attended to and should be no problem.

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