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    • I'm starting to see why some don't like the realists...
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  • 12/17/12
  • alfolerud

We just traded a very good 38-year old pitcher for two top 50 prospects who have the ability to help our team for the next 10 years. It's not like we were going to win with Dickey this year or next year anyway. Too many realists demand a winning team now. I can see how that comes off as childish and impetuous.

I, on the other hand, am a rare breed. I am a realist, but all I want is the Mets to follow a plan to emerge as a perennial contender. I am very happy with the Dickey trade, and am looking forward to watching TDA, Harvey and Wheeler all develop together.

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  • 12/17/12
  • danthemetfan

It is passed time to stop with the realist/koolaid naming conventions. The 'realists' who are against every move the Mets make are just against every move the Mets make. The people who support the team, because when you have no actual input into the decisions and you are a fan that is what you should do, are 'koolaiders'. When you think/want the team to lose mostly to prove you are right about why are you are against every move, you are a 'realist' and when you hope the team exceeds expectations because you are a fan and want good things are not. It was a stupid argument that we could all see through in 2007 and it remains dumb today.

This is a good move by the team. I am sad to see Dickey go, but it actually is a smart move to move the team forward.

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  • 12/17/12
  • Mort2112
Psst, people don't like you for reasons that have nothing to do with your self proclaimed "realist" tag.
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  • 12/17/12
  • alfolerud
You must not have read the post. I clearly stated that many don't like that some realists want to win now.
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  • 12/17/12
  • Oldfan

I can see why some dislike this deal, although I'm not in that camp.

There are probably some from the kool-aid side who don't like the deal because this is a definite step-back for anyone who believe d/s this team is a playoff contender. On the other side, I think the Wilpon dislike has them believing this move is all about money.

For me, I just wanted a clear direction/path for this team to take, rather than do a half-build, half-compete.

From a fans perspective, I think the Dickey deal tells everyone where this team is headed and the previous fan split should have a lot more common ground. Hopefully, for a season, it will be more about the team going forward and less about the Wilpon's unwillingness to spend to make the 2013 team mediocre. IMO, it's all about 2014, 2015, etc.

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  • 12/17/12
  • skorpio520

I consider myself somewhere in between to be honest.I am happy with the trade.I love the fact that we got D'arnaud and syndagaard.I wouldve traded Dickey aswell,and i also give Sandy credit for sticking to his guns in getting the prospects he wanted back.for that ive been accused of "drinking the koolaid" or being A " Wilpon symphathis" the latter being a joke to me because theres very few on this board that hate those ppl as much as i do. Them selling this team ,to me, ranks up there with the mets winning the 1986 world series among the greatest days in mets history.

HOWEVER....Where I disagree with the other side of the board is alot of ppl seem content with youth,youth and only youth this year.Ive posted many times we need to go after Bourne and have met got the arguement "we dont have money " or "hes too old" or "the plan of building entirely from within is a good one"

1-if we dont have money,what was the point of deferring Bays and Wrights contract? after this trade gos through payroll will go down (estimated) around 70-72 mil. We can afford Bourne.
Im thinking we might sign Ross which to me is @ss backward. You have an elite centerfield lead off hitter available NOW.The best available next year is Ellsbury who will prob want the Bourn money ,if not more.He gets hurt ,he gets hurt ALOT.Where Bourne is not injury prone.
Ross? I like him as a hitter.But where Bourne is better than any leadoff hitter available next year.Next year theres Pence,Morse,etc to play those corner outfield spots.Better players available.I dont see where that makes sense.
2-29 is not old,he still has plenty of years of prime left and im not talking about a 10 year contract.im talking 4 years,maybe 5.
3-Youthful players will be important to this team,and we have them.We have good ones,even great.But you cant put a prospect,or former prospect in every single position.You need A mix and right now we have Wright,A pitcher that gets hurt alot ,with the next experience level being guys like ike,niese,and murph.
They tell me "we arent gonna win in 2013,we are playing for 2014" so bourne will only be good for 2013? Im sorry but an outfield with duda,capt kirk and baxter is scary.and duda,capt kirk,and ross isnt much better.

I think they should start putting a real outfield together now.some ppl wanna do it all with next years crop and thats a mistake.

and when i say that i get accused of not knowing what im talking about,etc etc...2010,2011 i could understand not signing expensive free agents. but now,we are a ways away from the lux tax.and we are a nyc team that dont wanna spend.
probably the stupidest arguement ive heard is not wanting to forfeit the no 11 pick. well how hich might we be when we lose 100 games .do we not sign anyone in 2014 either becuase wed forfeit the no8 pick,or no7?

I see flaws in both arguements.

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  • 12/17/12
  • danthemetfan
If 'realists' want the Mets to win now, then they are not realists.
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