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    • Tank season and get top 3 pick?
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  • 12/17/12
  • dejavu1

If we're punting it is it wise to hold off bringing Wheeler and D'Arnaud until early July and just be bottom feeders the entire season? I'd rather a top 3 pick if we're not going to amount to anything than a top 15...

Just personal opinion. The Cavs did it for Lebron and Colts did it for Luck. Maybe the Mets can do it for whoever the 1st pick is this year...

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  • 12/17/12
  • 4545_ajd
Sometimes there is not much of a difference between 3 and 10, sometimes there is a huge difference, not sure what the 2014 draft class is going to be like.
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  • 12/17/12
  • PrayedforBay
You don't play those sorts of games in baseball. There is no guarantee with prospects. You play out the year, probably play the arbitration tactic with TDA bring him up later. Get your 5 or 6 mil out of Buck and have him hold down the fort.
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  • 12/17/12
  • danthemetfan
There is a HUGE difference between drafting in baseball and the NBA. With a team of 12, and only 5 on the court one player can make or break a team in the NBA. In baseball you can have the best player in the league and go nowhere. The Nationals got more than lucky that their two #1s were Strasburg and Harper, but even so they needed a lot more than those two to win the division. They built a solid team at every position, and had a strong rotation and a great BP. That didnt come from getting 2 #1 picks. If the Mets are going to be good, they need to scout better, and develop their players they have already better, and then maybe they can compete again. Winning now would just be a bonus, but might as well go for it.
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  • 12/17/12
  • alfolerud
Without Dickey we will probably have a top 5 pick anyway.
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  • 12/17/12
  • thedamon
Normally I would agree.. but scouting has gotten so much better and the track record in recent years that top 5 picks have all moved fast through their systems both college and high schoolers.. You I would say it far less of a crapshoot than in the past.. If you have an early pick, you should get a good player and you should get a player that will help sooner than later..
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  • 12/17/12
  • AdrianMonk

The Mets aren't very good at drafting in the middle, or even lower middle. I think the only way we get a star out of the draft will be to have a low pick with an obvious selection staring them in the face. It's probably not going to happen though.
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  • 12/17/12
  • Melo15nym

"Just personal opinion. The Cavs did it for Lebron and Colts did it for Luck. Maybe the Mets can do it for whoever the 1st pick is this year..."

Except the MLB draft isn't anything like the NBA and NFL draft. This is just plain stupid.

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