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    • Almost a crying shame!
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  • 12/16/12
  • gilforhof
Life in Metsville USA
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  • 12/16/12
  • edmet
we will have harvey all yr, and johan should be healthy and stronger, gee as well, with wheeler a possible midseason callup. our rotation is a strength.
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  • 12/16/12
  • gilforhof
I hate seeing Dickey go for a multitude of reasons. But, if these prospects pan out, if bodes well for us in the future. I don't see us being much better in 2013, maybe even worse. There are still trades to be made or FA's to sign, but I don't see it as anything earth shattering. Hopefully, in 2014 we start making our comeback and by 2015 or 2016 we're back in the thick of it. If the prospects don't live up to their potential, we get used to be doormats for the rest of the league. Time will tell obviously. Whatever happens I wish Dickey the best, he's a class act in my opinion. There is an added bonus to all of this... Thole goes... thats priceless.
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  • 12/17/12
  • _BigNick
So the Marlins haven't made any subtractions?

"Add to that we have fans that are saying that its right for Travis d'Arnaud to not start at catcher for the Mets in order to save the Wilpons money and start his time in MLB later. If he's the best player and gives us the best chance to win let him start at the MLB level for Christ sake. "
I know, why would a fan want an extra year of control? Who actually thinks with their mind when thinking over baseball decisions?

"Almost a crying shame..."
No. You're just stupid.
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  • 12/17/12
  • directttevidence

we have 4, count em 4 possible big game pitchers. And a possible stud catcher, it was a necessary evil.


plus Familia and Mejia

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  • 12/17/12
  • _BigNick

"It's two players."
Using your lopsided argument of it's not 25, you do realize Dickey is one person right? Two is greater than one, if you didn't know. Good job. Nice reasoning.

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  • 12/17/12
  • _BigNick
"If the object of baseball is to win games and he gives you the higher probability to win games, he needs to start the season on the team. "
Long-term machine, not short term. Moves shouldn't be made based on short-term needs only.

Look around MLB. Literally every team operates this way.
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