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    • If we really got
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  • 12/15/12
  • cjct

who said we are getting both sanchez and snydergaard....don't be stupid it will be either or

but it still looks like a good trade for the mets

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  • 12/15/12
  • dejavu1

Please people! Stop speaking in definitives.

I mentioned D'arnaud weeks ago and was told it was never going to happen. I mentioned Syndegaard both today and last night and was told it was never going to happen in addition to d'arnaud. I'm not saying it will happen i'm just saying have patience and dont renounce anything until the final trade is announced!

We don't even know what we're giving up yet.

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  • 12/15/12
  • cjct
metsblog...u think matthew cerrone is breaking major news...come on he knows just as much as we do
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  • 12/15/12
  • cjct

if we are getting this package

TDA, Snydergaard, Sanchez, and Buck

we are Trading Dickey, Niese, and Thole

just going to give u a heads up

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  • 12/15/12
  • 43211234
Good god I thought the Blue Jays board was delusional.
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  • 12/15/12
  • cjct

fine the other player is a really good "other" player than

Niese or someone like that i would assume

the bluejays would trade 3 out of 4 top prsoepcts for Dickey, Thole (stinks), and a mediocre piece?

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  • 12/15/12
  • cjct

i can read just fine.

bluejays aren't giving up there 1, 3, and 4 prospects in there system for Dickey, Thole, and a "small" piece

lets just end that right there...if thats the case I will say ur the best and im a stupid head

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  • 12/15/12
  • djiboutirox
then we arent getting 3 top 60 prospects lol
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