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    • These reports are killing me
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  • 12/15/12
  • dejavu1

Use prevailing logic people. Mets are not just getting d'Arnaud. Mets are also not giving up a top prospect just to appease the Jays.

Its evident some Jays beat writers are using opinion and starting to make it into fact. In my opinion the entire Toronto market was spoiled by the fleece trade they made on the Marlins. In general, trades like that don't occur often, which it was such a big deal and why the commissioner almost vetoed it. It was also a salary dump from a team desperate to have a fire sale... again.

Dickey is not a salary dump. Dickey is also not going to be given away, something that many people on twitter do not seem to get. Heyman and Rosenthal preaching Arencibia for Dickey straight up are no better than the Toronto beat writers who are angry at the fact that they're losing their top prospect.

We're going to make a killing in this trade. I'm fully expecting Dickey and a minor prospect for d'Arnaud and Syndegaard. Maybe my expectations will fall short of reality but the good thing about using logic is that they usually don't.

Toronto isn't getting just a 38 y/o pitcher. They are getting the reigning cy-young award winner. They are also in "win-now" mode and slightly desperate. They might not have another opportunity to improve their ball club like this, even if they wanted to, at the deadline. And what are they giving up? Prospects, or in other simpler words "risks". These are unproven commodities, no matter the hype. Many of them don't ever make it past the hype stage, which is why teams that trade proven commodities for "risks" usually get an inflated package.

We're not trading a top prospect unless the ends justify the means. D'Arnaud for Dickey is not fair for us in any way possible, Toronto fans i'm sorry we all get attached to prospects but you're about to get an ace for potentially the next Travis Snider... stop complaining. The METS need more to justify this trade, to themselves, to their ball club and plan moving forward, and to the fans who are in love with Dickey and would consider moving on from the ball club if they didn't get a quality return.

Use logic. Have patience. The package will be d'Arnaud + another quality prospect. Been saying it all along, just need to listen.

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