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    • hamilton presser
  • To:All
  • 12/15/12
  • edmet
wish him well, truly, but i am thinkin,what are the odds he shows up smashed to todays press conference? i hope he stays straight, angels cold have a historic big redmachine/murderers row type linep if everyone is healthy. they need to sign loshe, texas probably trying. texas should try for stanton and nolasco, they have the prospects. barring that, they can sign AJ P., swsher and maybe nats !B (name is escaping me, senior moment). winter meeting were quiet, but this has turned into a dynamic offseason like few before it, great fun. hope sandy gets his guys and restores some faith. looking good right now.i may have to pop for mlb the show this yr but would darnaud be in it?
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