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  • 12/15/12
  • spydermet
Chad Durbin is still available and might be the reliever we need.
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  • 12/15/12
  • Gepett0

im actually not that concerned about the pen

we have alot of young pitchers that could build a decent pen....the trick is actually finding the right combo

but you have parnell (sigh), mejia, familia, mazzoni, carson, edgin, leathersich, degrom, mchugh, pill, gorski, verret, and even tapia all as guys that have been mentioned as possibilities for the pen this season as very few have the stuff to make it as starters....tapia would only be late in the season and only if they give up on him as a starter

i think, out of those options and a few veterans, you can actually build a decent pen

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  • 12/15/12
  • Tahsin

The Mets have limited flexibility in the payroll and should invest majority of the available money in a position player. Therefore, I believe that the Mets should rely on in-house candidates to fill the roster for the next season.

There are a number of position players and pitchers that will be tested in the up-coming season.

starting pitching: Dickey's spot in the rotation (pending trade) and any injuries
relief pitching: three to four spots in the relief corp and any injuries
position: second catcher spot, utility spot, entire outfield

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  • 12/15/12
  • spydermet
Catcher and one outfield spot will likely be addressed with this trade. Our bullpen was a large reason for our poor season. As a middle reliever, I doubt that Durbin would be too expensive. We do need another outfielder as well, but we also have a lot of money to spend (from Bay, Wright's deferral and using a rookie from our system to replace Dickey). We should have about 10 mil or so, which can get us both a reliever and outfielder.
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  • 12/15/12
  • spydermet
Most of the pitchers you mention are starters and/or not ready for the Majors. Carson and Edgin will likely compete for one spot with the other going to AAA.
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  • 12/15/12
  • PrayedforBay
As a rule of thumb, after being the second to last ranked bullpen in the entire league, you should just sign a couple of guys.. anyone. Close your eyes and pick.
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