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    • Well its not TDA
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  • 12/15/12
  • CHOOin2014

D'Arnaud is in it. Trust me.

They're just stating that Gose is INCLUDED in the deal, meaning multiple pieces were added (on both sides probably) to balance it out.

Think Dickey + Flores + den Dekker = D'Arnaud + Gose

Something like that.

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  • 12/15/12
  • Lipchitz
It says other pieces are coming back to the Jays. Really depends on what other than Dickey is heading to TO.
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  • 12/15/12
  • sheadro
Soured relationship? You know what fixes that? $26 million. The Mets control Dickey. If we meet his demands I can't see him not signing. If not he can pout all he wants but he better pitch like an Ace in 2013 because his grandkids college educations arevriding on it
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