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    • D'Arnaud would be our Buster Posey. Get it done!
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  • 12/14/12
  • sheadro
If Sandy pulls this off and we can hope for a core of a staff of Wheeler, Harvey, and Neise and a middle of the lineup of Wright, Ike and D'Arnaud suddenly the outlook is pretty bright for our future
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  • 12/14/12
  • Moses0507
You can get those guys in the Offseason.
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  • 12/14/12
  • jsmet

nice young promising team. one power hitting OFer away. and 2 BP arms


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  • 12/14/12
  • leaffie
He is the Jays, Buster Posey too. That is why he won't be traded for one year of control on a 38 year old pitcher.
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  • 12/14/12
  • sheadro
I think we have the chance to build the core of a pen in house with some of our young arms. Building the outfield would be the next step. But now with a clearer direction the urgency isn't as great to complete that project before the Spring
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