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    • Sandy, if you must trade Dickey...
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  • 12/13/12
  • brianinwi

... trade him to the Brewers. Just as a favor to me, personally, so I can see R.A. pitch. Pretty please?

Heck, if Dickey landed in Milwaukee, I'd buy season tickets.

That reminds me of something Bob Uecker used to say when asked about catching a knuckleballer - “It’s simple, you wait for the ball to stop rolling and you go pick it up.”

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  • 12/14/12
  • frkaz911

Dickey is the best pitcher in baseball and he wants more money, so we'll trade him for can't miss prospects, and after that all will be well.

I've been time-warped to 1977. I wondered why I've been wearing platform shoes.

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