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    • Team needs a few pieces
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  • 12/12/12
  • OrangeandBlue86

With a few simple moves this team could be a .500 team, maybe a little over this year and a contending team in 2014 quite easily. I am completely baffled by ownership and sandy.

We need a left fielder center fielder, catcher and some bullpen help. The rotation is pretty strong, and if wheeler is the real deal it will be even stronger at some point when he comes up. So just sign an outfielder or two and a catcher. Make a trade or two make a signing or two, or a combination of those two things! Just do stuff sandy! Just make moves and this team could be competitive this yr and with more moves in next yrs offseason we can be legitimate contenders.

I dont understand it!

Sign Pyrzinski to catch with shoppach as a backup cus thole cant hit at all.

Sign cody ross.

Maybe trade flores for a center fielder since we have no place to put flores now.

Then in 2014 we can make finishing touches on this team. We could sign a big time starter to go along with Dickey niese harvy and wheeler.

Thi steam could be dominatn but it has to start now. Start builidng a team! In a few yrs wright will be in decline dickey will be gone, i mean cmon wake up

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  • 12/12/12
  • Kranesback
That's 4 pretty big moves (for us) and we still have no closer. We could be five years away from .500.
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