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    • olt $ martin
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  • 12/12/12
  • edmet
olt is a slugger, martin is a speedy outfielder with CF experience. olt is rh, martin lh. martin's batting stance looks like a lefthanded moises alou. olt signed for approx $700k bonus, presumably all paid. martin, a cuban defector, signed in 2010 for $15.5m and was put on texas 40 man roster. he recieved a $5m bonus, the rest is salary, so if the mets pull of the trade martin has 2 yrs left on his deal, i dont know for how much. his salary for 2012 was $3.1m! he has torn up minors but not fared well in limited mlb ab's. the point is the mets will be taking on some significant salary with martin if they pull the deal off, so they must really like him. i believe he would be due for a new contract after 2014 season.. . i assume mets see him as a top of the order guy. martin is 24, olt 25, both old for prospects. i imagine they are both seen as major league ready. i hope sandy can pull it off, even if we have to add a minor league piece. it is time for the nitty gritty of negotiations. jon daniels is a smart gm, from bayside queens i think, and a lifelong met fan. this is going to be an interesting week. harold reynolds said today on mlb network he was not impressed with martin as a cf. hhmmm? this trade needs to be made, sandy is right to want them both, maybe the deal can be expanded to include another tex prospect and a couple of met prospects.
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  • 12/12/12
  • 4545_ajd

Leonys Martin of
5 years/$15.5M (2011-15)

5 years/$15.5M (2011-15)
signed Major League contract with Texas as amateur free agent from Cuba 5/4/11
$5M signing bonus
11:$0.5M, 12:$1.25M, 13:$2.25M, 14:$2.75M, 15:$3.75M

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  • 12/12/12
  • 86kid

I thought I read somewhere that after Martin's contract expire's he still has abrition years...etc

Anyway, think OLT + MARTIN + MARTIN PEREZ is how they should expand the deal.

We get two guys for our outfield, plus we'd get a young lefty pitcher to join a furture rotation of Wheeler/Harvey/Neise

Certainly we'd have to add in more than just Dickey to get all three guys though.

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  • 12/12/12
  • sheadro
I don't know what we would be adding but I'd have to be pretty nice. Trying to sneak their best pitching prospect in the deal seems a bit greedy and unlikely. Can't fault you for hoping. Throw in a lower level potential riser with a high ceiling and I'd be pretty happy with this deal. Addressing two outfield needs with high end mlb ready prospects is a fine return and hopefully we can get another guy in the mix to further stock our system
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  • 12/13/12
  • edmet
thanx for the contract info on martin. reasonable risk.
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  • 12/13/12
  • skorpio520
not a horrible deal if they do it. ofcourse i wonder if the pot would be sweetened with lets say,martinez,if flores or meiija was thrown in the mix
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  • 12/13/12
  • 86kid

As Michael Douglas said in the movie WALL STREET, "Greed is Good" ... lol

Seriously, why not reach for that gold. All they can do is say no. And who knows, if you make them the right offer, they might say yes.

When the Rays made the deal with KC, everyone thought it was just an accomplishment enough just to get the Royals to give up Myers, but they expanded the deal and got Ordorizzi too...etc.

Yes, I could be satisfied if we just got Olt and Martin, but I'd at least shoot for more.

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