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    • Why Did We Defer All That $$$ If We're Not Going to Spend It
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  • 12/11/12
  • CHOOin2014


Oh yeah. That Madoff fellow...

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  • 12/12/12
  • edmet
jeff will hit the tables in vegas with style.
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  • 12/12/12
  • CHOOin2014

With Bud Selig?

Its a crying shame that Bud assisted Fred in retaining control of this franchise. He knew full well that they were embroiled in investment scams and refused tondo what was right for the fans. He rather put the owners interest (and exclusive owner's only club memberships, banquets and fancy invites) ahead of the fans.

Screw you, Fred. I loathe and despise you, Jeff. Bud, go live in a mud pit.

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  • 12/12/12
  • Oldfan

I never saw the sense from a team building perspective to defer the money.

I thought it would be best to completely clear the money from the books after next year and start fresh in 2014.

I don't see the value in detracting from future years to sign Cody Ross-type players to one or two year deals, unless the team is close to competing for a championship.

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  • 12/12/12
  • Oldfan

BTW, you probably need to change your s/n.

Maybe, SignChoo2014.

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  • 12/12/12
  • joebenigno

on the bright side it will further hasten the demise of the Wilpons

i dont see them surviving in the future with the projected economic conditions of this country

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  • 12/12/12
  • CHOOin2014
Touche. Will do.
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