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    • Just give Dickey his money already
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  • 12/11/12
  • TheChosen1

I have been screaming for the Mets to trade Dickey and trade Wright since before the end of the regular season. But they effed it up.

Wright was the the guy who NEEDED to be traded if we were going to re-build the correct way. Trading him alone would have added 5-7 players to this roster (3-4 in a trade & 2-3 that we could have signed with his money).

Now we are down to being offered 1-2 (not even top) players for Dickey?

Then forget it.

At this point, it is much better to just keep our solid rotation in place and spend money that comes off the books next season on offense.

Maybe things look different at the deadline in July, who knows. But right now, trading him no longer makes much sense IMO.

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