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    • Jeff Wilpon call out!!!
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  • 12/11/12
  • metsfanforlife

Mr. Wilpon----show your face!!!

We fans demand your attention. Please tell us what the team is up to and we promise to be kind with what our suggestions are. We want to work as a team and promise to fill the stadium every night...but we need to talk about a few things!!!


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  • 12/11/12
  • skorpio520
gimme a team i can be proud of and ill start buying season tickets again.
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  • 12/11/12
  • oceans48
From Fred: What are we up to? You really want to know? Well, we're up to our scrawny necks in lobster, cavier, champagne, 5 star restaurants, helicoptors, Swiss Chalets and massages.....while directing SA to spin and dumpster dive! Hope to see you at Citi.
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