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    • Mets Haven't Talked w/RA Representatives Since Thursday
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  • 12/10/12
  • nvmets10
Via Jim Bowden on Twitter. One wonders what they have been doing.
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  • 12/10/12
  • eastvisitr
I'm really trying to have some faith and a positive outlook but they really don't do anything the right way. It's looking like no teams are willing to part with anything substantial so just re-sign him. What he's asking for is a relative bargain even if you factor in some regression. Haren and his bad back just got thirteen million.
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  • 12/10/12
  • edmet
yanking dickey is what they are doing. give him a $25m 2yr ext w/o a no trade, probably increases his trade value and puts his mind at ease for his family. he has earned that.
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