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    • Go to Texas,Toronto,and Mariners for Dickey offers
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  • 12/10/12
  • stearnsy12

tell Texas to give us their best offer telling them we'll go to the M's next (heard they might consider surrendering Jesus Montero for Derek Holland????) and offer RA there and then one last stab at Toronto

if we don't get what we want just extend him and let the three of them get into a bidding war for Anibel Sanchez and Brett Myers.....

if we're going to get short-changed by these teams while they pay top dollar for other pitchers then just keep them and go to next season with as much pitching as we can

after David signed the first domino fell in the direction of trying to build a winner now (how?) so if that's the case go with pitching and defense wherever we can

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  • 12/10/12
  • mets06ny
I do feel bad that there will be teams that way overpay for those guys haha!!!!
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