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    • Sandy clearly waiting on one of KC/TEX/TOR to blink
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  • 12/9/12
  • KB24NYM
I like it
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  • 12/9/12
  • DFAB
He is a very smart man....I'm dying to see what he can do with a RESPECTABLE budget...
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  • 12/9/12
  • KB24NYM
I wouldn't go so far as to call him a very smart man (see: 2012 bullpen)...but I like the way he's handling the Dickey situation.
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  • 12/9/12
  • DFAB
yea...the 2012 bullpen didn't work out...can't really blame him COMPLETELY though. There was NO way to predict that Ramirez would just fall off a cliff. The other signings were questionable especially the francisco signing. A bullpen is the HARDEST thing to build.
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