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    • Why can't the Mets extend Dickey to trade him?
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  • 12/9/12
  • bucknerismyhero
The common theme among reports are that teams are reluctant to trade top prospects for Dickey because he is only under team control for this season. The reports of Dickey's asking price seem more than reasonable enough, and when you consider what Greinke just got it shows how valuable front line starters are in this market place. If we were to lock up Dickey at say 3/33, wouldn't his value sky rocket? I saw that the Mets are not interested in trading him if they extended him, but why not?
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  • 12/9/12
  • JackNicholson

It'd be more letting the trading team have a 24 hour window to talk with Dickey's agent to see if they can reach an extension.

The acquiring team would rather write up the contract than have another team do it. Would include all the buy-outs, bonuses, etc. Wouldn't want another team compromising it with some wacky clause.

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