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    • I have the plan figured out
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  • 12/9/12
  • Kranesback

After we trade Dickey for Olt, we're going to sign Youklis and then trade Harvey and Davis for Chase Headley. The lineup:
1. Olt, cf
2. Lutz, 2b
3. Turner, lf
4. Headley, 1b
5. Wright, 3b
6. Youklis, rf
7. Flores,c
8. Murphy, ss

Yes, that's the plan. sandy is going to construct a team exclusively made up of third basemen. Just like Fred's beloved Dodgers were known as 'dem bums' the Mets will be known as 'dose tirds'. Wright with his contract will become the "big tird".And year after year we will hope to be good enough to aspire to third place in the division.

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  • 12/9/12
  • ddiscostu
The plan is for the Shillpons to hold onto the team no matter how low they have to sink in order to leave it to their spoiled rotten heirs . Was there ever any other plan ?
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  • 12/10/12
  • govmule72
Wow, 7 guys out of position. Makes sense. Maybe we can swap the pitcher and right fielder too.
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