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    • Would Blue Jays trade D'arnaud for Olt?
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  • 12/8/12
  • 4545_ajd
They have an excess of catchers currently, maybe that is something to keep an eye on if Dickey does get moved for Olt.
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  • 12/8/12
  • wildwin77
Be an interesting idea...they don't want to move D'arnaud and instead are pushing the lesser guy Arencibia.
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  • 12/8/12
  • leaffie


If they are going to trade him, it is going to be for a pitcher

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  • 12/8/12
  • thedamon

if it was between those to it is not even a debate.. d'Arnaud..

But d'arnaud is not and will not be in the table...

I want no part of Olt he has bust written all over him

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Message 546073.5 was deleted
  • 12/27/12
  • frkaz911
The internet is like having another wife. Your mistakes are always out there, ready to be used against you at any given moment.
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