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    • Kyle Lobstein
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  • 12/7/12
  • Bozack

I think the Mets just proved what we all really knew. They don't care about winning, they just want to make as much money as possible with as the least investment and risk.

The Mets a team that is seriously lacking in talent in the Majors as well as at the high prospect level were an ideal team to utilize the Rule 5 draft. Just look at the Marlins, afar trading away half their team they made 2 Rule 5 selections, they are always coming up with great young players, just watch they will be back in contention soon, a lot sooner then the Mets. Anyway the Mets selected Kyle Lobstein in the Rule 5 draft and then traded him to the Tigers for cash$!!

I'm not sure if Lobstein would be a good signing or not, but considering the fact the Mets don't want to spend anymore money and their prospects look bleak, they should have taken a shot on someone in the Rule 5 draft.

This is just more proof they're a cheap classless organization, who don't care about the fans and they just want to maximize profits. Yes, all teams want to maximize profits, but most want to do it by winning. The Mets don't care about winning, just the most money for the least/minimum investment. I guess being in the NY market they know they can still make a decent amount of money despite being a 5th place team, they wouldn't get away with this attitude if they were in a smaller market like Cleveland. They also know they have to placate the fans to some extent, hence re-signing Wright. The Yankees also want to maximize profits, but they are trying to do it through winning, unlike the Mets who just don't care anymore. I never thought I'd be comparing the Mets to the Yankees in such a negative light, but the motives of the Mets management is quite apparent. The sad thing is, despite ownership running this team into the ground, they could still sell the Mets for a very nice profit and if so maybe the new owners would be willing to invest in the team and try to give us a winner, but why would they do that, when fans still buy tickets, networks and sponsors give them millions, they have a cash cow and they won't let go and they continue to subject the fans to pain, year after year. The only way to fix this is if the fans stopped going to games and made their objections vocal, if so, the sponsors and TV deals would also drop and then maybe they'd be forced to either invest more or better yet sell.

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  • 12/7/12
  • archgraham
I hope that the Wilpons remembered to add the flight change fees onto the Tigers bill, since the ticket they got Sandy on Priceline was for the earlier flight home.
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  • 12/7/12
  • archgraham

What's wrong with this picture? I think that I see a few teams on this list that might be just a tad better than the Mets (Rangers? Tigers?) who are exploring all available options to try to improve, while the Mets just turn tricks for the Tigers:

Major League Phase

HOU: Josh Fields, RHP (BOS)
CHC: Hector Rondon, RHP (CLE)
COL: Daniel Rosenbaum, LHP (WAS)
MIN: Ryan Pressly, RHP (BOS)
CLE: Chris McGuiness, 1B (TEX)
MIA: Alfredo Silverio, OF (LAD)
BOS: Jeff Kobernus, 2B (WAS)
NYM: Kyle Lobstein, LHP (TB)
ARI: Starling Peralta, RHP (CHC)
PHI: Ender Inciarte, OF (ARI)
CWS: Angel Sanchez, INF (LAA)
BAL: T.J. McFarland, LHP (CLE)
TEX: Coty Woods, RHP (COL)
HOU: Nate Freiman, 1B (SD)
MIA: Braulio Lara, LHP (TB)

Triple-A Phase

HOU: Michael Burgess, OF (CHC)
MIN: Mark Sobolewski, 3B (TOR)
MIA: Tyler Kehrer, LHP (LAA)
BOS: Jack McGeary, LHP (WAS)
TOR: Sawyer Carroll, OF (SD)
SEA: Eric Farris, 2B (MIL)
SD: Diego Goris, 3B (KC)
PIT: Ethan Hollingsworth, RHP (KC)
PHI: Brendan Lafferty, LHP (KC)
LAD: Elevys Gonzalez, INF (PIT)
STL: Matt Cerda, 3B (CHC)
DET: Eliezer Mesa, OF (OAK)
LAA: Robert Widlansky, 1B (BAL)
BAL: Tom Boleska, RHP (PIT)
TEX: Marquez Smith, 3B (CIN)
OAK: Thomas Mendonca, 3B (TEX)
SF: Scott Shuman, RHP (TB)
CIN: Ryan Dennick, LHP (KC)
HOU: Cameron Lamb, RHP (SF)
BOS: Jon Bachanov, RHP (CWS)
TOR: Alvido Jimenez, RHP (CHC)
SD: Federico Castaneda, RHP (KC)
LAD: Hector Nelo, RHP (WAS)
STL: Jay Voss, LHP (DET)
OAK: Steven Hill, C (STL)
CIN: Michael Gilmartin, 2B (OAK)
TOR: Efrain Nieves, LHP (DET)

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  • 12/7/12
  • 4545_ajd
Winning = $$$
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