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    • Proposed idea to replace kickoffs in NFL
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  • 12/6/12
  • 4545_ajd

Instead of Kickoffs an idea proposed to the Roger Goodell by Greg Schiano is for teams to instead have a 4th and 15 on their own 30 where they can either punt (most cases) or go for it (cases where there would have been an on sides kick)

Seems strange at first but I don't think it's a terrible idea.

And for those who don't know Greg Schiano is the former Rutgers, now Buccaneers head coach who knows first hand about the dangers of the kickoff after having a former player Eric Legrand suffer a spinal cord injury and become paralyzed from the neck down on a kickoff play.

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  • 12/6/12

Fukc Schiano.

He looked real concered about injuries playing "60" while the Giants took a knee.

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  • 12/6/12
  • cjct

i second that...

fukc that clown Schiano...he could care less about the saftey of the NFL players with that busch league dive and the offensive lineman and QB feet to force a fumble when the opposing team takes a knee.

downright disgraceful! I don't give a flying fukc what he has to say

Edited 12/6/12   by  cjct
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  • 12/6/12
  • rangers61134465

can't understand people complaining about the whole game being played

in fact thats how every game ending in kneel downs should play out

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  • 12/6/12
  • 4545_ajd

"in fact thats how every game ending in kneel downs should play out"

I wouldn't say every, but I don't have any problem with them doing it if the defensive team is within 1 score.

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  • 12/6/12
  • AdrianMonk

Leaving the source aside, I find the idea interesting.
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