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    • braves,phillies,nats all improving while we do nothing
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  • 12/6/12
  • dave4585
F this organization, I know deals can be made at any time but its frustrating to watch our rivals do things to make them stronger while Sandy POS Alderson just flaps his gums trying to make it look like they are trying
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  • 12/6/12
  • wright75
typical mets, they havent made a significant offseason move since signing bay and that turned into a disaster
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  • 12/6/12
  • skorpio520
did you really think that anything was gonna be done in 2013? its pretty much been known that 2014 was the target year.why do you think they are shopping dickey? for 2014 players.
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  • 12/6/12
  • skorpio520
in all seriousness though, with wrights 8 million deferred ,bays money,etc...he needs to do something.cant just extend our own franchise player and call it a day. i am in complete agreement on that front.
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