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    • Stupid Myers trades
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  • 12/5/12
  • bbjmparis

Giving up Dickey, or Niese for Myers is dumb. Giving up Dickey or Niese and something else for Myers is even dumber. Dickey is a star. A Cy Young winner. That makes him a rare treasure that should be pried from your grasping fingers, not thrown away. Niese is a very good pitcher who's getting better. He won 13 games last year for a team with no offense, no defense, and a putrid bullpen. That's equal to winning 18 somewhere else. He's a keeper too. Myers is a prospect. Prospect=Suspect. He's done exactly nothing in the major leagues. There's no better than a 50-50 chance he ever will. Why trade away proven major league talent for the next Lastings Milledge, or Flop Mart?

Trading Wheeler for Myers makes sense for us. We have decent starting pitching and zero in the OF. We need a good outfielder far more than we need a good pitcher. So trade one suspect for another if you can. I don't know what KC needs, but if it's pitching. Give 'em Wheeler, or Harvey...I'd prefer Wheeler because at least Harvey has done something at the major league level.

What I'd really prefer is trading a bunch of our suspects for Myers. Mejia, Flores, Tapia, Nimmo, all our top 10 prospects outside Wheeler. Nobody outside the Mets PR department, and fans who believe whatever baloney they spit out because they're desperate for some hope, thinks any of them are any good anyway.

Or if Santa is really in a good mood, trade him for Duda and a prospect or two other than Wheeler.

Yes, I know KC won't give up Myers, a suspect, for our bigger suspects. Or for Duda who has as much trade value as a bag of balls, but I can dream, can't I? Just like KC dreams of stealing Dickey for a suspect like Myers.

Wheeler and another prospect I do.

Duda and a prospect...even Wheeler, I do.

Dickey or Niese for Myers...I pray the Mets laugh, as they should. Dumb deal. Very Dumb.

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  • 12/5/12
  • jsmet

So you say wheeler for Myers is smart, but niese or dickey for Myers is dumb? Now that's just dumb


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