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  • 12/3/12
  • metsheart
from Gammons on mlb.com today:

"There will not be Giancarlo Stanton trade talk; he makes the minimum in 2013"


"Is Justin Upton going to be traded? The D-backs know how he feels. If they're going to publicly put him out there like a 54-inch HDTV at Best Buy, then go ahead and trade him. Towers would trade him if he could get Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox), Didi Gregorius (Reds) or Andrus or Jurickson Profar from Texas, but that hasn't opened up thus far."

Forget about Stanton. At least for 2013. And Mets probably don't have enought to get J. Upton. Unless they trade Dickey. PLUS a prospect like Nimmo or Plawecki.
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  • 12/3/12
  • TheChosen1

I guess we will see. This is Peter Gammons we are talking about afterall.

Man I wish he was right when he said that Bay would NOT sign with the Mets.

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  • 12/3/12
  • metsheart
You're right. Gammons DID say Bay wouldn't sign to play in Queens.

But I think in this case he's right.

You never know though...
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  • 12/3/12
  • DFAB
I wouldn't mind seeing Dickey get traded for Profar and then flipping him to the Marlins along with Flores, Familia, and a lesser piece for Stanton. Maybe if we say "pretty please" the Marlins would give us Stanton?
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  • 12/3/12
  • metsheart
Marlins NOT trading Stanton. Stanton still makes the minimum.

If Mets're trading Dickey they need to get at least one 2nd tier MLB OF (maybe Gardner type) + at least 2 GOOD young AA prospects!!!
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