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  • 12/3/12
  • aldorod1



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  • 12/3/12
  • Kranesback
It's a disgrace
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  • 12/3/12
  • beltrain15
He's a wimp because he couldn't win a title on his own? What Lebron did in Cleveland was unbelievable...even with Kyrie Irving, one of the best players in the NBA, the Cavs aren't even sniffing the playoffs. The best player Lebron ever had with him in Cleveland was Ilgauskas, so he literally single-handedly took that "team" to the Finals. Cleveland failed Lebron, not the other way around. Jordan had HALL OF FAMERS with him when he won his rings too, and it's not Lebron's fault that Cleveland couldn't even get him an average supporting cast. The only mistake Lebron made was the whole "Decision" sideshow he put on. I wouldn't even say Bosh and a declining Wade even qualify as a "super team." Lebron still carries that team, and they even seem to play a little bit better when Wade isn't on the floor. Its amazing to me how the reigning MVP and Finals MVP can be so underrated, but it seems like that'll be the case until hes gone and people realize how little they appreciated him.
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