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    • Willingham, AJ and Wilson would improve us a lot
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  • 12/2/12
  • metsfan541

If we could somehow get Josh Williamham in a trade not involving Dickey and Niese, sign AJ to a two year contract and sign Brian Wilson to a one or two year deal, we could improve the team a lot.

All of those moves do not negatively impact our future, we would keep the gist of our rotation together and by May we could have Wilson closing games for us.

We wouldn't likely get him, but I would consider Ichiro for a year or two also and bat him leadoff. It seems like the Mets are trying hard to free up a little bit of money to spend for 2013 because they must realize if they don't they will not improve the talent level of this team enough to be competitive.

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  • 12/2/12
  • AdrianMonk
You mean AJ Burnett? I don't really see that happening.

Edited 12/2/12   by  AdrianMonk
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