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    • 49ers benched Smith but we did not bench Bay?
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  • 12/2/12
  • RomneyandRyan

This is what drives me crazy, SF 49ers benched their QB simply because they though the back up would be an improvement, and Smith was a good QB, he was #5 in QBR passer rating behind Rogers, Brady, Manning and RG3, best completion rate in NFL 70%, and 5 int to 13 TDs.

A really good solid QB, but team though his replacement would be even better, so they benched Smith.

Mets on the other had played a guy who was hitting below .200 all the while they could have played Duda who had some power and was a good player, he was much more productive than Bay.

So what do we have here now, we knew Bay could no longer play, but because we did not bench him we are now going into next year not knowing if Duda can be an every day guy, so we really can not get a good LF because Duda may be the guy for the job................but in spring training we can also find out that Duda is not the guy and it will be already too late to get someone who is good so he will be replaced by a minor leaguer or some patchwork of mediocre players.

That decision to play Bay (who i think is an excellent human being and a great defensive play who gives 100% every time) will continue to be there the entire 2013 season.

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  • 12/2/12
  • metsicle

Sadly Jason Bay was one of our 3 best OF options last year.

And the Mets just cut Jason Bay. who cares what happened with him in the past. He's no longer the Mets problem.

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  • 12/2/12
  • RomneyandRyan

You missed my point, by playing him you now do not know if Duda or anyone you currently have can play LF. So going into free agency you do not know what steps to take, get a free agent, trade Duda, leave Duda or anyone else.

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  • 12/2/12
  • 4545_ajd
Are you talking about 2012? Because Bay had nothing to do with Duda being sent down.
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  • 12/2/12
  • metsicle
Duda played plenty, and his play got him sent down. and when he was called back up he was primarily in LF.
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