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  • 12/1/12
  • The5Wright5Way


-Work Flores at 2B
-Work Valdespin in CF


Trade: R.A. Dickey for Travis D'Arnaud and a lower level high upside pitching prospect
Trade: Lucas Duda, Ardelin Rodriguez, Domingo Tapia for Shin-Soo Choo
Trade: Daniel Murphy for a legit relief pitcher

-Kendrys Morales
-Jeff Franceour

Bolster Bullpen

1) Valdespin (CF)
2) Flores (2B)
3) Wright (3B)
4) Davis (1B)
5) Choo (RF)
6) Morales (LF)
7) D'Arnaud (C)
8) Tejada (SS)

-Franceour: Fourth outfielder - late inning replacement (pop and huge arm)



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  • 12/1/12
  • TheFriNgE
No, you do not trade your ace for a catcher. I have no problem dealing Murphy and giving Flores a shot at 2B, but NOT for a relief pitcher. I would be willing to trade Duda's power hitting potential for better contact hitting, better defense, more speed. I am not familiar with Shin Soo Choo, but this seems doable to me. Francouer would be a nice addition in RF or off the bench.
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  • 12/1/12
  • ExileMetsFan

"-Franceour: Fourth outfielder - "

a 4th OF needs to be able to play at least 2 OF positions, and all 3 to be a good one.

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  • 12/1/12
  • The5Wright5Way
Franceour can play RF/LF. Choo can play all 3 positions and Valdespin can play all 3 positions
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  • 12/1/12
  • Moses0507

"Valdespin can play all 3 positions"

Haha, Valdepsin is the most inexperienced OF ever.

And Choo playing CF???

Francour stinks

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  • 12/1/12
  • bucknerismyhero
Valdespin is awful and has no trade value.
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