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    • Nationals looking to trade Michael Morse
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  • 11/30/12
  • 4545_ajd
Think he would be a good fit if the Nationals were open to trading inside the division.
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  • 11/30/12
  • jsmet

Nationals looking to trade Michael Morse

i don't blame them

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  • 11/30/12
  • Oldfan

He has good value to a win-now team.

He's cheap, but a FA for the 2014 season when he'll be 32.

Obviously, a big bat, but I don't know if he's a good fit for the Mets.

If the Nats get a good trade for Morse, they'll probably have to re-sign LaRoche and that won't be cheap. Maybe, Morse stays with the Nats if they can get him to sign a reasonable extension.

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  • 11/30/12
  • omarzdman

I don't think the Nats are trading Morse??

They're likely not resigning LaRoche.

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  • 11/30/12
  • mysticpiazza
Morse would be another liability in the OF, like Duda. Unless the Mets plan to unload Ike, I say no to Morse.
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  • 11/30/12
  • vbch

"I don't think the Nats are trading Morse??

They're likely not resigning LaRoche."

Exactly what I see. LaRoche is a free agent. If they wanted to trade Morse and resign LaRoche, they would have done it during this past season. Now that they have allowed LaRoche to reach free agency, they don't have control over the situation.

The Denard Span deal they just made covers them for the loss of LaRoche. Morse will move to 1B (he is an adventure in the outfield, not as awful at 1B). Bryce will move to LF, Werth stays in RF, Span plays CF. This depletes their power a bit but improves their OF defense and gives them a legit leadoff hitter which were things they were lacking.

What the Nats need to do to complete their team is find a way to develop or acquire a closer. Storen and Clippard are not the answer. They have an excellent collection of middle and setup relievers. Get a dominant closer (even if it means trading Clippard and Storen away) and they have a chance to win the World Series. Right now, they look like the favorite to win the NL East and will probably win 100 games. But they have the look of a team that is similar to the 90's Braves who were great regular season teams but not great playoff teams. Their lack of a reliable closer will get them through the regular season but kill them in the playoffs as it did against the Cardinals a couple of months ago.

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