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    • UGGH Shut Up
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  • 11/30/12
  • renafan
People kill me in The Mets fanbase sometimes. People that have no clue what the heck they are talking about or just like to have something to say. Last year with Reyes is great example there is nothing The Mets could have done to win that. If they had re-signed Reyes "What how could they give a guy that gets hurt that much that much money for that many years" They didn't re-sign him,those same people killing him for getting hurt,taking himself out of that last game,slumping too much "How could they let the most dynamic player in baseball get away? There go The Coupons again just trying to save money" Now with Dickey and Wright. It is just a matter of time before those people that would have killed The Mets if they didn't re-sign him find a reason to kill them for re-signing him. RA Dickey I would love for them to re-sign him he earned it but I would understand if they didn't, If 2 years 24 million could get it done go for it but I also understand there are good reasons not to. This whole idea of "Oh don't do good for The Mets" is idiotic. So no team ever in the history of baseball let someone that had a year like Reyes or RA get away for different reasons? At the end of a day it is a business. Look at what is happening over there in The Bronx?
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