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  • 11/30/12
  • ohhthepain

Thats what this Wright signing was..For Mets fans before my time who watched Seaver leave..As I watched my fav Met of all time Strawberry leave I was able to connect with those Mets fans before me..I watched the way this ownership and the media ran strawberry out of here. Then for even younger Mets fans we watched Jose leave. The history of the Mets is that when our best home grown players get around the age Wright is now and are up for a contract they end up some place else.

Wright is that one player who is going to be a Met his whole career. And to me that is what makes this move so significant..We can all debate on whether it was best for the team in regards to wins and losses and the future. But for a fanbase who has watched its best players finish the second half of their careers elsewhere, this signing means something more. The Wilpons did what was right. They finally gave one of their best home grown players what they deserved. And Wright abslutely deserved this and so do the Mets fans.

It sends a message to other young up and coming Mets that if you do things a certain way, this organization will take care of you..And if you want to have long term success that message is extremely important.

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