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    • Extremely fair contract for both sides Wright & Mets
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  • 11/30/12
  • metsfan541
Thankfully the Wilpons understood that even though this is a good baseball move in keeping Wright, it was just as important to finally start creating an identity for this team. Seaver and Piazza are the two most signature Mets i ntheir history and Piazza spent half his career with the Dodgers and Seaver also spent a lot of his career with other teams. The Mets have never had their own Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Williams, Yount, Ripken Jr., Gwynn, Puckett, etc. that stays their entire career with the organization and be that face of the franchise. Ed Kranepool never was a star so he doesn't make the cut. This was a good move by the Wilpons.
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  • 11/30/12
  • DFAB
It's nice to see that he got signed. I'm sure the wilpons realized that they just HAD to sign him, otherwise there would have been a huge backlash. Now, after doing what they HAD to do, I'm interested in how they are willing to further improve the team.
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  • 11/30/12
  • Kranesback
What was the goodness? We signed a major choker and now we will not only be boxed out of signing any impact players, but most likely anybody earning more then $5 million or approaching arbitration just became trade bait.
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  • 11/30/12
  • Kranesback
Nah...I could live with a lousy outfield for a year or two. We need a catcher, a closer, and an opening at third for Flores.
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  • 11/30/12
  • almandareo357

It is not extremely fair.
The team got a good deal because the player has to take into consideration his injury history (last year's back injury), plus his power numbers have declined.
If he was still D. Wright of old, he would have asked for 8 for $160 mil extension on top of the $16 mil for 2013.
But now the team signed him for 8 for $138 mil overall. Great deal for the Mets, safe deal for Wright.

Plus, if some of the money is deferred until after he retires, then they are making money on his money.

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