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    • its insane how much mediocre players are making these days
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  • 11/29/12
  • dave4585
With the recent Upton contract it just blows my mind. 15 million a year for a player who averages .255 20 HR and 75 RBI. Not to mention other recent contracts from other years such as Werth's contract. If anything it shows we actually are getting a good deal with Wright if you go by today's value of mediocre players bc he will be only making 3 mil a year more than Upton. I remember when big name players who hit .300 30 HRs and 100 RBI were the type of guys making this money and it was only a short 5-6 years ago
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  • 11/30/12
  • DFAB
it's insane how much players make PERIOD. Looking at it from a baseball salary perspective however, the Wright deal is fair.
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  • 11/30/12
  • 4545_ajd
Wright's deal is still less than 70% than what Ryan Howard's annual value is.
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  • 11/30/12
  • PigIron
Amazing how a bad economy hasn't impacted MLB player salaries.
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