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    • Ding Dong, the witch is dead!
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  • 11/7/12
  • mookie009
Finally! I am having a celebratory party-a few brewskies and a cake. Jason Bay is gone. I am tired of hearing how he is a hard worker, he hardly worked(missed 198 games over 3 years). Couldn't hit is way out of a paper bag last year and Harvey was prob. a better hitter than him. Kudos to Sandy for having the balls to get him out of here. A step in the right direction. Next step, see if you can get a young starting outfielder for Dickey, if not, keep him and trade him at the deadline, regardless. He will prob. want too much. Sell high. Next, sign Wright for no more than 6 years 110 mil. Look to Oakland for some of their AAA Out. prospects as they already have too many bigleague guys so they will be stuck. Saw on one blog they have some decent talent in the out. at AAA. Roll the dice as long as it doesn't cost Mejia, Harvey, or Wheeler. Could look into Justin Upton, but price would prob. be too high. If you could get him for 4 guys other than Harvey, Wheeler Niese, I say to Arizona, pick who you want. Montero, Mejia, Familia, Flores, Duda, Nimmo, Fulmer, Dickey, etc. Any 3 or 4. This last part is prob. unrealistic though. Niese would prob. have to one of the ppl. to go in an upton trade and if that is the case I would rather keep niese.
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  • 11/7/12
  • Kranesback
Not bad..we got rid of Bay and Romney is less than 24 hours.
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  • 11/7/12
  • lizzz
LOL - and all those phone calls too!
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  • 11/7/12
  • Haldane
You've got to think like Fred Wilpon does: will cutting Bay put fannies in the seats and cars in the parking lot?
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