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    • Maybe The Best Ad Of The Political Season So Far…
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  • 11/7/12
  • jsmet

Repeat anything enough times and they'll believe it. It's standard operating procedure. It's how media works and history is written. <

I got a kick watching all those dummies waving their little flags when Obama was giving his Victory speech.

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  • 11/8/12
  • govmule72

Wow, you mean through two campaigns where a candidate says millions of words they found a few instances where he said almost the same thing in speeches? Gasp! Talk about 'gotcha journalism'.

Maybe it's because he's consistent in his beliefs, not a shapeshifter who changes his beliefs and positions daily like Romney. Maybe it's because while things are indeed better he knows they can still get better, and that we are still enduring some the same effects of the hole we had to dig out of?

That's how adults think.

Just because Romney NEVER says the same thing, or takes the same position twice, it doesn't mean others are just as disingenuous.

The final question in that ad was - "Are you better off?" I guess more Americans feel they are.

Why be so mindless?

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  • 11/8/12
  • govmule72

Wow, one ad where a candidate keeps saying the same things, and another where the other keeps saying different things. I'll go with the former, thanks.

The country seems to agree.

Edited 11/8/12   by  govmule72
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  • 11/8/12
  • Ultimate_Lou2013
..."Why be so mindless?"...That's it exactly...he has nothing to work with...
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