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    • Bays contract broken down by the stats
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  • 11/7/12
  • metsicle

So Bay got a 4 year 66 million dollar contract from the Mets in 2010. Based on his stats, that equates to:

$2.54 million per HR
$532,258 per RBI
$285,714 per hit
$229,167 per game

Stolen from another forum.

This is absolutely insane.

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  • 11/7/12
  • Haldane
Jeff has such a keen eye for baseball talent! He really should be running the team! Oh, wait, he is running the team!
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  • 11/8/12
  • miketodd9
Bay will sign with Baltimore and hit 25 home runs for them next year. Book it.
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  • 11/8/12
  • thebobymon
Who cares.
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  • 11/8/12
  • ny_mess

is this better than Ollie's contract??

36M for 2 wins??

18M per win??

I can't decide which one was worse... Good job Jeff W.

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  • 11/8/12
  • frkaz911

Pedro Martinez - $53M / 32 wins = $1.7M per win.

Perhaps not as big a bust as Bay, but still another example of a huge Mets contract gone bad. There's more than a few out there, if anyone else would like to add to the list.

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