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    • And then Bay signs with the Nationals...
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  • 11/7/12
  • alex6633
hits .274/.360/.460 and the Wilpons pay him for it. Not the brightest move. lol
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  • 11/7/12
  • joemets22
We all know it was never going to happen here. It really doesn't matter what he does elsewhere. He was the worst player in baseball with the Mets. This is a good thing, be happy.

Edited 11/7/12   by  joemets22
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  • 11/7/12
  • alex6633
No, it would have never happened here, but if you're going to pay him anyway you might as well just trade him for something or keep him. There would have been a LOT of teams interested in Bay with the knowledge his contract was free. He's going to have a lot of value on the free agent market.
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  • 11/7/12
  • JoseJose
What are you smoking? He was THE WORST!!! EVER! Great move!
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  • 11/7/12
  • alex6633
Doesn't mean he'll BE the worst ever. Sandy should have let the guy rot for a year rather than have him go to the Nationals and hit 20 HR's lol
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  • 11/7/12
  • rangers61134465
you are obv just trying to rile ppl up here
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  • 11/7/12
  • almandareo357
Agreed. He was NEVER going to hit here. He was more likely to have a concussion than hit .280 for the Mets.
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