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    • Wright tainted, Dickey pure as the driven snow
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  • 11/6/12
  • johnyringo

I know they say pitchers can't lead but Sanatana did it for a while before he was hurt all the time.

Wright is a great player and I want him to stay but Dickey is a saint and as sacred as a hindu cow.

Mr Wilpon, save my hero, save RA Dicky.

Go down Dickey
Way down to Egypt land
Tell that pharos
Let my people go!!!!

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  • 11/6/12
  • johnyringo

Vic Mack....it's happened.

You posted something I disagree with. What the heck is going on here?

I am mostly more machine now then man too....I can be a cynical bastardo as much as any of them.. But RA is as close to a saint as BB's got.....truly a terrific story of a man who refused to lose......a warrior who honors the game and the very nature of sport....he is my hero.

He is untouchable at this point....if you insult Dickey in a dream you better wake up an apologize....if you talk about trading him to another team I will declare a holly war!!!!!

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  • 11/6/12
  • johnyringo

RA has been awsome for quite some time. Of corse he is a met and awsome can mean 8 wins...on the mets...

Especially if you are their ace.......should I,say "acting" ace. The mets historically have never hit for their best pitcher. The fact that he won 20 on the mets this year is a miracle ans should pencil him in for cy young alone.....forget all the K's innings pitched and the like...

Oh yeah did I mentioned he can hit too? And he "battles" he inspires...

.it's easy to give 100% as opposed to say 98% when their is a warrior on the mound.

I can't say the same for third base all the time.

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  • 11/6/12
  • johnyringo

Since 2010 RA has been my hero, I have posted it as such here. And he has been awsome.

He's a bit more then Linsanity at this point.

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  • 11/6/12
  • johnyringo

Imagine if Lin stayed with the knicks, turned into the best basket ball player in the game, then they wanted to trade him....

That's a better comparison.

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  • 11/7/12
  • Kranesback
You just hurt Tebow's feelings.
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