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    • Citifield sightlines
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  • 4/3/09
  • 4robin
I sat in sec 423 the back row which was 4 and I couldn't see the opposing dugout and had to stand to see the on deck circle. Then went over to 515 and behind home plate you could see everything. Then sat in sec 507 and that also was very good. Any place on 1st and 3rd base side in 400 club will give you less of a view in the outfield. An usher told me you need a ticket to watch BP up close in any given area-but I got down as a section was open and that usher wasn't in place then.
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  • 4/4/09
  • teege08

I'm glad someone else noticed this. I was in Section 531, Row 4... now, I know these are the "cheap seats," but after all of the talk of the improved sightlines, I was pretty upset that I couldn't see the entire left field wall. That's pathetic for a "state of the art" ballpark. If I was in a similar seat at Shea, I'd see more than I could see tonight.

That said, I like the feel of the new park, and all things considered (minus the sightline issue) its a good place to watch a game.

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