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    • The Never Trade Felix Hernandez QUOTE Thread
  • To:All
  • 12/4/12
  • FelixForever34

Since Every Fan of Major Market Teams (Primarily Boston, New York, and Dodgers), fake reporter and their brothers keep flapping their lips about how the Mariners "need" to trade King Felix. I felt the desire to start a thread with links of Quotes from Jack Z and Felix themselves...... Stating what every Mariners fans knows to be facts.

So if you read an article with quotes from Jack Z or Felix (or even his agent).
Post the link in this thread.....
And when someone insists that Felix cant stay in Seattle, just reference them here.

Here are some links...

Yesterday....Interview with Jack Z (audio, Jack Talking wanting to extend felix AND NOT trading Felix)
Starts around 2:02

This is a from a Boston Reporter who asked Jack Z about Trading King Felix, Jack Z Jokes that he should Carry a Tape recorder around to play "Think I'll carry around a recording: 'I am not trading Felix Hernandez'."

Jack Z Vows He wont trade King Felix (On Kevin Calabero Show ESPN Seattle)
My favorite quote from this interview
"I've been hit with this question every time I go to certain cities where some people think they have a right to this player. I don't get it. He's our guy, we're going to keep him," he said.

Here is quotes from September when Texas was in town (even their fans think they have a chance)
"keep Felix and try to build around him. He loves Seattle. He wants to stay there. He makes that clear. We’re anxious to keep him. He’s got two more years on a contract that he signed to and we’ll see what happens, but I don’t have any interest in trading Felix. I just don’t think that at the end of the day that if you get back a really nice looking prospect, that guy’s got to go a long way from wherever he’s at to still become a one-one. I think when you have that (in Felix Hernandez), you cherish that.” "

Here Jack Z tells Greg Johns
"Felix has made it clear he'd like to stay here, and we've made it clear we'd like him to stay,"


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  • To:All
  • 12/4/12
  • FelixForever34

I already included When Jack Z told this Boston Reporter in November....
But here is the Same Reporter, Same question, the Same Answer 2 months earlier.

Had to ask Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik would you trade King Felix: "No."

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  • 12/4/12
  • FelixForever34

This is another of my Jack Z favorite quotes.
On an elevator to the clubhouse packed with reporters, Zduriencik put his cell phone to his ear and said, “No, we’re not trading Felix.”


And I love the quotes from a "one AL executive".......
“I don’t care what Jack is saying right now,” one AL executive said Wednesday night. “I think he’ll listen to offers next winter. I know the kid says he wants to be in Seattle, but do you really think he’ll re-sign there if they’re not a contender?"

Dear "one AL executive",
Its December and Jack Z is still not trading Felix.
Suuuuuuuuccccck IT !!!!,

Yours Truly,
Mariners fans everywhere

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