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  • 10/22/12

Nothing really compared to Lil Wayne singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

Not sure how it sounded on TV, but at the park, it was painful.

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  • 10/22/12
Get Mike Patton up there to make a speech before the start of game 7!
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  • 10/22/12

That's a good one.

Here's one for you


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  • 10/22/12

Ok I got a few.....

1. The little old lady fist pumping during a pounding song between innings.
2. Lou Seal dancing Bangung Style on top of the Giants dugout.
3. The Giants defense mostly had the day off, thanks to Vogie.
4. Where's Steve Perry?
5. There's a big lit up disco-like stage out beyond McCovey Cove that can be seen from the upper deck. What is that?
6. King Street after the game was insane.
7. The Cards fans I saw seemed quite impressed with our festivities.
8. The line at CalTrain was insanely long after the game.
9. The smell of marijuana ran rampant especially downstairs.
10. Everyone was in a jolly good mood!

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  • 10/22/12

"4. Where's Steve Perry?"

Hopefully far, far away.. Please people, no more "Don't stop believing" signs..lol..

I was living in Chicago the year the White Sox won it and that was their mantra and Perry was so happy to get in front of the camera, he showed up to the clinching game, was being interviewed about how awesome the Sox team was, then showed up to their parade and sang the song wearing Sox gear during the parade..

Fast forward to 2010, he's there in Giants gear doing the same thing.. ick.. Guy makes me sick..

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  • 10/22/12
Ross is Boss is back tonight! An old friend to wish us good luck!
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