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    • Question on Big Mac
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  • 12/27/12
  • jaynovahawk07
Where did you hear that?
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  • 12/27/12
  • Okie4Cards
Yeah, that was a bad deal. I heard yesterday that Mark's wife Stephanie just filed for divorce.
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  • 12/27/12
  • Okie4Cards



What a sleezeball.

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  • 12/27/12
  • sobchaksecurity
skip is the fluffer and boom mic operator for all big mac productions. that was really why he was traded to the dodgers.
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  • 12/27/12
  • cardinalfaninmichigan
I have not heard of anything other than Big Mac lives in Irvine California and wants to work closer to his home and his family.
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  • 12/29/12
  • Number_4

that is a big loss.
just look at our numbers at the plate since he has been here.
yes we had some hitting talent but he did a fantastic job.

im excited to see chris duncan as our new hitting coach.

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  • 12/30/12
  • Number_4
made up lies by me.
its john mabry ;)
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  • 12/30/12
  • Number_4
she ran away
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