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    • Santos vs Janssen
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  • 1/18/13
  • LastLaff
This has been talked about so much already.
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  • 1/18/13
  • niko10

Who cares how hard a guy throws as long as the job gets done. Sometimes I think fans like the extertainment of how a guy does it more than whats actually important in winning the dam game.

Janssen might only throw 91-93, but last year he still had a 9.5 K/9IP, 0.864 WHIP and a 6.09 K/BB. Those are all dominant numbers regardless of how hard he throws and thats near the top stats wise for any closer. So whats the issue?

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  • 1/18/13
  • Chappy81
Did this really need another thread? This topic has bean beaten to death.
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